Meet Ginormous Joe

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Ginormous Joe, a huggable series of Children?s picture books based on the true story of cuddly Joe.

Ginormous Joe is a big, white, cross-eyed rescue dog. We look at life through his cheeky eyes, and learn the lessons of "good wins over bad", learn the lessons "love conquers all" and "stand up to bullies".

Ginormous Joe gives a share of his book royalties to a dog charity called SPIN Rescue, so that he can help save other dogs like him.

Ginormous Joe has become a mini celebrity, when he visits schools and libraries he likes to listen and cuddle with the children as his books are read to them.

Ginormous Joe gives you a big woof ?hello and welcome? to his website...

"Hooray for Ginormous Joe! What a great story. Pure love really does have redeeming/transforming properties doesn't it? I want to meet Ginormous Joe and give him a great big hug. Gorgeous illustrations!?

Amazon Review, Jennifer Talbot Ross, Author


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